Meet The Interns | Seamless Season Two



The Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University offers a vibrant learning community and extraordinary opportunities for academically motivated students. It combines the best of the liberal arts college tradition with the resources, facilities, and affordability of a major state university.

In the Honors College, students have the optimal environment to live, learn, and lead. Seamless Mentor Linda Chamberlain connected Seamless to a group of students who were the perfect candidates for the Seamless Internship Program. Through this immersive experience, each intern has the opportunity to learn the inner workings of a startup while making valuable connections to enterprises and service providers in our region. In turn, Seamless Season Two startups receive valuable help in the areas of research, project management and the unique skill sets of the students.

Below is a brief spotlight on the Seamless Season Two Interns who work individually with each Seamless Team to provide advanced support specific to each startup's needs.

BROCK NOWAK | Workit Health

On a lifelong pursuit for a career in the medical field due to his fascination with human behavior and how the brain works, Brock Nowak recently narrowed his academic focus at Grand Valley State University to Behavioral Neuroscience.

Brock describes himself as a natural leader, savvy in adaptability and producing results. Grand Valley State University's leadership opportunities have led to Brock's versatility, proactivity, and efficiency in problem solving.

Brock credits his athletics training to which he has learned the importance of teamwork and goal accomplishment. He has experience in almost every sport, excelling in mainly basketball and bowling since his youth.

Brock has spent his time at Seamless interning with the Workit Health Team,
an on-demand addiction support platform that provides to employers and health plans. Proofreading content, and analyzing key points of the progress to enhance care and making it more impactful for users are among some of the main deliverables that Brock is working on for this Connected Healthcare Team.

Hs also working on data relay, incorporating Grand Rapids companies and maintaining Workit Health's relationships with useful connections within the West Michigan Ecosystem.

With a myriad of career experience, Brock is enjoying his time back in the surroundings of a professional network at Seamless, and is looking forward to enhancing his future through contacts he has made through the Seamless IoT program.

Contact Brock: Facebook | LinkedIn

JARED SMITH | Gideon (Formerly Alfred Smart Home)

Jared enjoys working with seed stage startups in the tech industry who deploy the latest advancements in technology to solve complex problems, and who help to create a seamless lifestyle for individuals.

Prior to joining the Seamless program, Smith was responsible for starting three local businesses. One, a small investment account, yielding profitable returns for family and other miscellaneous acquaintances. The second, a web design business targeting small businesses acquired through door-to-door sales and digital research, offering website development, as well as social media platform creation. Lastly, Smith ran a small scale wholesale firm, offering e-commerce consumers competitive rates on items they were already purchasing by making large volume purchases with wholesalers as a third-party.

At Seamless, Jared is working with Gideon, a smart home automation platform. Smith helps Team Gideon with Smart Home market research, business model creation, and storyboarding for the London startup. He has also aided in preventative problem-solving for the team, as well as conducting due diligence on UX within the team's live mobile app.

Smith is currently pursuing a double major in Business Economics and Finance at Grand Valley State University, aiming to continue his career in investment banking. Jared is also avid in both soccer and tennis. When he’s not working on his stroke, he likes to volunteer at The Three Mile Project, a Grand Rapids organization providing fun, safe, and encouraging environments for children to interact with influential community residents.

Contact Jared: LinkedIn

JONATHAN COOK | DogTelligent

After taking the Fall 2015 semester off from classes at Grand Valley State University to take an internship with Google, Jonathan is currently finishing his degree a Senior studying Finance and Accounting. Jonathan's experience working with startups originates from starting his first company, FitFrames, helping users find the perfect pair of eyewear through 3D Scanning technology.

Jonathan continues harvesting his strengths through cultured activities in his free time. He's backpacked solo across northern Europe, and has professional and competitive experience as a ballroom dancer.

Jonathan stays active in the Seamless program as Intern to Team DogTelligent, a startup which enables pet owners to train, track and monitor their dog’s health through the Connected Collar. Jonathan helps DogTelligent by researching opportunities and markets for future connected pet products, as well as cultivating potential investor relationships for the team's CEO, Patrick Perrine.

Contact Jonathan: Facebook | LinkedIn

MARC LEHMAN | Promethient

As a Senior Liberal Studies Major with an area of focus in Linguistic Anthropology & Human Centered Design at Grand Valley State University, Marc Lehman joins the Seamless program as an Intern with Team Promethient.

Marc's extensive performance in past & present research projects (all at various stages of development) affords him the expertise to act as Peer Research Consultant with GVSU University Libraries. Some of his research experience includes investigating the impact of trolling on discourse formation in contexts of Internet mediated communication, the impact physical orientation of translators has on the translation process in multilingual contexts, and the role of empathetic communication in the trail ultra-running community.

Marc has previously served as Training Coordinator of GVSU’s Running Club, President of GRCC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the Vice President of GRCC’s Foreign Affairs Club, as well as the Treasurer of GRCC’s chapter of The College Democrats.

Marc is currently implementing his efficiency with market research to better understand Promethient's market potential for various applications of the company's Graphene-based solid state heating and cooling technology. Marc also continues to assist Promethient in perfecting the team's Investor Pitch.

NELSON SCHRADER | Light Polymers

A Junior at Grand Valley State University pursuing degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship as well as a minor in Real Estate Economics, Nelson Schrader comes to Seamless as a highly equipped Intern with a dynamic background.

Nelson has been a notable athlete on GVSU's Football Team, he's played an active role with The Professional Events Committee for Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, and has participated in multiple clubs which maintain a generalized focus on investment and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Nelson plays a role with Spectrum Health's Incubator For New Biomedical Devices, and was recently awarded a $5000 prize at the MWest Regional Business Pitch Competition, where he presented the development of his Home Infusion Therapy IV Pump.

Nelson's experience working on his connected health startup has served him greatly during his time as a Seamless Intern. He currently aids Light Polymers through their development and refinement of elevator and investor pitches.

In his free time, Nelson enjoys all aspects of the vast world of marketing, as well as overseeing content management for his personal sports blog. After graduation, Nelson is interested in pursuing a career in Investment, Real Estate, or Venture Capital/Private Equity.

Contact Nelson: LinkedIn

ALIYA BROWN | Seamless Director Intern

Aliya Brown came to Seamless as a Senior acquiring her double major in History and The Russian Language from the University of Michigan, and aims to attend Law School in Fall of 2017. Growing up in Grand Rapids and watching the city throughout its development era, Aliya is eager to participate in the process of West Michigan positioning itself as a front runner in the cutting edge world of IoT, and its influence on Global Enterprise.

Aliya hopes to broaden her experience in Business Operations during her time as a Seamless Intern. As Executive Assistant to Seamless Director Amanda Chocko, she plays an essential role in assisting with space coordination, planning and implementation of events, program research & recruitment for the future candidates of the IoT Commercialization Program, and engages one-on-one with Seamless Directors to execute efficient program solutions for upcoming cohorts.

Contact Aliya: LinkedIn