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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 21, 2016 — Seamless IoT, the global Internet of Things (IoT) commercialization program, today announced its second season of innovative startups. Following a worldwide open call for applications, the following five companies were selected from hundreds to participate in the first cohort:

  • Alfred Smart Home — London — a universal remote for the smart, connected home
  • Dogtelligent — San Francisco — smart, connected dog collar for tracking, health monitoring and training
  • Light Polymers — San Francisco — a new category of water-based, lyotropic, liquid crystals with unique properties, which are coatable and printable
  • Promethient — Traverse City, Mich. — embeddable heat exchange technology for personalized temperature control
  • Workit Health — Detroit — mobile recovery tools to end the isolation of substance abuse disorders

Seamless provides IoT startups with direct partnership and unprecedented access to the intellectual and commercialization capital available from large enterprises. The six Consortium Partners include Amway, Faurecia, Meijer, Priority Health, Spectrum Health and Steelcase. At least two corporate partners were required to “sponsor” each startup in order for it to enter the Seamless program.

“Groundbreaking technologies start with a consumer need, but getting those products to market is an overwhelming challenge for emerging companies. Seamless brings together enterprise-scale businesses that accelerate a startups commercialization to get IoT devices to market,” said Mike Morin, director of Seamless. “Following our results of our first season, we are even more confident in the potential impact that will come from this second season of companies.”

The eight graduates of Seamless’ first season, which took place during Fall 2015, saw more than $4 million of investment from a multitude of sources, as well as experiments, purchase orders and contracts into Q1 of 2016. Those include HAAS, which is currently operating an experiment with the Chicago Fire Department, CoSign, which was named Digital.NYC’s Startup to Watch for March 2016 and AlSentis, which was honored by Lux Research as one of the top innovative companies that are poised for success in 2016.

“Our participation in Seamless and exposure with the Consortium led to new funding sources and new relationships with some of the leading technology manufacturers,” said Justin Teitt, CEO of AlSentis. “Seamless gave us access to C-suite leadership that moved our technology to the next phase of development. It was an invaluable experience.”

The Internet of Things is the next generation of smart, connected objects. While this new segment is estimated to have a potential impact of $2-14 trillion on the global economy by 2020, the impact is expected to go beyond hardware and software, toward disruptive business models, ideas and conversations of user interaction.

Seamless kicks off its program within a designated section of Start Garden’s 16,000 sq.ft. “neighborhood” for the regional startup community, placing them directly in the heart of Grand Rapids’ entrepreneurial ecosystem. The program includes financial investment, access to strategic consulting and mentorship from more than 75 vendors and advisors.

The Seamless IoT program provides enterprises with collaborative, light weight, low friction access to emerging technologies and businesses in a region that has quietly manufactured much of the physical spaces and objects encountered in today’s built environment. At the same time, it provides startups with unprecedented access to intellectual and commercialization capital that they need to move its development forward.

Seamless consists of a three-month program, operating in semi-annual cycles. Additional information is available at

About Seamless

Start Garden is an unconventional, global Internet of Things (IoT) commercialization program, which brings together six leading enterprise companies in home, auto, retail, manufacturing, supply chain and health care. Seamless consists of a three-month program, operating in semi-annual cycles, and is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More at

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