Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of companies are you looking for?

    We are looking for early-stage IoT startups that are seeking global commercialization partners in following markets:

    Smart Home/Connected Buildings
    Workplace Solutions
    Consumer Products

  • What stage startup are you looking for?

    We will accept applications from startup teams ranging from seed to early stage. Ideal candidates a prototype or fully developed technology with some market validation. Special consideration will be given to startups who have developed products and technologies in the IoT space that are looking for new market opportunities.

  • I am a single co-founder. Can I still apply?

    Although we would not totally rule you out, special consideration will be given to teams that have both a technical and a business cofounder and who are ready to hit the ground running.

  • How long is the program?

    The Seamless program lasts for 10 to 12 weeks on a rolling application basis.

  • What happens during the program?

    Depending on your goals, you will be matched with one or more of the Seamless Consortium Partners to execute on a 12 week project that will help validate various commercialization opportunities. This could include mapping your technology across multiple verticals, getting market feedback, and building your technology. The Seamless partners will leverage their resources and capabilities to help you succeed. This includes exclusive and intimate access to their human talent, connections, and deep industry knowledge. In addition, our resource partner network is offering pro bono & discounted engineering, prototyping, technology development, design, marketing, legal and accounting services.

  • Do we have to locate to Grand Rapids for the program duration?

    Participation is a combination of on-site and off-site work depending on the success factors of your partnership project.

  • Where will we stay?

    The Seamless space is located in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids. There are a number of housing and hotel options within walking distance, and tons of great restaurants, pubs, shops and attractions. It will be up to you to research and secure your accommodations. But, we will do our best to help you find the best options.

  • How much capital will you invest in my company? How much equity will you take in my company?

    Seamless does not take a fixed percentage of ownership in your company. This is because we work with more mature startups that are often at differing places on the value creation and fund raising continuum. We do have a $20,000 uncapped convertible note available if applicable.

  • How will the Seamless Partners help us?

    Your Seamless engagement can result in:

    - Strategic Partnerships
    - Pilots
    - Co-Development Opportunities
    - Licensing Agreements
    - Customer Relationships
    - Direct investment

  • Can I apply if our company or founders are not from the USA?

    Yes, but you do have to be legally in the U.S. during the program. Once accepted, we can help with legal/immigration issues by leveraging our contacts and network to help.

  • How can we get funded after Seamless ends?

    There will be follow-on funding opportunities through the the investment arm of Seamless, Wakestream Ventures. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive development contracts and direct investment from the Seamless Consortium Partners and other investors.

  • I’m concerned that if I apply, you won’t protect my intellectual property. Should I be worried about this?

    We’re certainly not in the business of stealing ideas, and we treat application data as confidential information. Each year, we see hundreds of applications and many of them include similar ideas. For this and other practical reasons, please don’t ask us to sign an NDA. Our application does not ask for your “secret sauce” and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you’re not comfortable doing so.