Corey Oostveen

Product Market Manager at OST Corey Oostveen’s headshot

Corey started a web technology company while in high school then grew it to several employees. Identifying growing gaps in education, Corey then founded a nonprofit community robotics organization providing access to STEM programs throughout the Midwest of the USA. After graduating from Grand Valley State University where he studied Business, Computer Science, and Engineering he moved to live and work in Shanghai, China.

During the years spent in China Corey built an interactive digital media company, developed a robotics educational platform, and was heavily involved in the entrepreneurship, innovation, maker/hacker and startup communities.

Corey owes everything to his magnificent mother and fantastic father whose unwavering support has allowed him to think and dream big. In his free time Corey enjoys spending time outside doing various activities like backpacking, running, fishing, boating, swimming and anything else near water. Corey’s has an enormous passion for education and spends most of his available time volunteering or working to solve problems by designing and building new solutions (robots, drones, 3D printers, assistive wearables etc.) All while maintaining his dedication to living a life of balance, learning, and sharing.

Areas of expertise: Interactive Digital Media, Robotics