Eric Smith

Vice President of Engineering at SpinDance Eric Smith’s headshot

Eric has a long history of designing and developing integrated systems for highly complex products. He has an unrelenting passion for quality and for seeking the simplest, most elegant solutions that meet design goals. Prior to joining SpinDance, Eric contributed to and led engineering teams at Apple, GE Aviation, and Smiths Aerospace. Eric holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Kettering University, as well as a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University.

Eric is an engineer with an eye for design and a love for building the highest-quality products. He has designed systems with custom hardware and software spanning from the factory floor to the user, from bare-metal embedded, to cloud, to web, to mobile, and to desktop applications.

When he isn’t leading SpinDance and its engineering team, Eric can be found building, fixing, or tinkering with pretty much anything; however, most of the time, you’ll find him hanging-out and doing family things with his wife and their three beautiful daughters.

Areas of expertise: Architecting and Designing Complex Systems, Custom Software Design and Development, User Experience and Interface Design, Security, Continuous Deployment, Building and Mentoring Engineering Teams