G. Tom Williams

Attorney, IP at McGarry Bair G. Tom Williams’s headshot

When other kids watched Scooby Doo, Tom Williams memorized Perry Mason reruns. He can recite the dialogue of the famous courtroom scene from “And Justice for All..” among other courtroom dramas. His ideas about justice and his ideas about ideas formed at a very early age. In fact, Tom’s interest in and commitment to the law formed so early, it’s a little difficult to determine just when his career began.

Around that same youthful time, he was watching his dad, a computer programmer, build a home computer from scratch. The technology fascinated both father and son and the two-year process of creation made a lasting impression.

At McGarry Bair, Tom puts his intellect to work in very interesting ways — designing and introducing technologies that speed and manage the firm’s work, laying out strategies for developing McGarry Bair offerings, brainstorming new ways to make intellectual property law painless and profitable for our customers.

So you see the pattern…an obsession with the law, a passion for technologies… Tom’s definitely the guy who you want to patrol your intellectual property borders. Besides his quick intellect and explosive enthusiasm for all things new and interesting, he’s a witty, amiable, thoughtful guy who loves to work hard and win. Come see for yourself.