Jake Himmelspach

Strategist at People Design Jake Himmelspach’s headshot

Journalists have a term for what followed our introduction to Jake Himmelspach, who was reporting on the intersection of business and design for a regional business publication when we first crossed paths. They call it “cultivating sources.” Typically, the agricultural analogy plays out in a relationship that might “bear fruit” in the form of a story. In Jake’s case, the farmer went on to become a strategist. His interest in design thinking led him to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Design and Innovation Management. He left journalism behind and moved to Chicago where he worked as an innovation consultant to brands such as Georgia-Pacific, The North Face, PepsiCo, and Kraft. Family ties kept West Michigan in his heart, so when the opportunity to move back home came along, he jumped at the chance. Today, Jake helps our clients find focus through research and strategic positioning, moving them toward more dynamic brand platforms. When he’s not strategerizing, he enjoys hiking with wife Letty and their young daughters, Katelyn and Metzli.