John Malnor

Chief Development Officer at Skytron John Malnor’s headshot

John's life is the result of purposeful design. This has provided him opportunities to live and work in many countries, different markets and balance achievement in business with family experiences and community activities. John finds great joy in solving complex problems in new ways, and then developing a business system to support the delivery of that solution.

John has chosen assignments over my whole career to build a broad base of experience. He has led teams in product development, new brand creation, existing brand repositioning, national sales forces in North America and China, and continue to learn new things everyday. John's goals center around continued personal growth, increasing my impact on our community, and getting better at helping my teams perform at higher levels. He gets a lot of joy from having responsibility for a business, and for the team of people whose contributions drive the success of that enterprise.

Specialties: New venture creation, talent development, business planning, channel design/management, financial modeling, sales planning and business analysis.