Mike DeVries

Chief Investment Officer at Start Garden Mike DeVries’s headshot

Mike is the Chief Investment Officer at Start Garden, and a Managing Director of EDF Ventures. Mike's 30-years of start up experience coupled with his experience in both running and operating early stage companies and investing capital into early stage companies, gives him a valuable perspective in guiding start-ups through the process of capitalizing and growing their businesses.

Currently, Mike sits on the boards of the following companies: Crossroads Extremities, a company focused on novel orthopedic solutions; Rose Medical, Inc. an engineering and manufacturing company; Direct Flow Medical, Director, a company developing percutaneous medical devices for cardiovascular diseases;

During Mike's operating career he served as President and CEO of A-Med Systems, a California-based cardiac device company. Prior to A-Med, Mike served on the executive team of Medtronic's venture organization focused on cardiac surgery technology. His background also includes serving as the VP of Sales and Marketing at DLP, a Michigan-based cardiac device company.