Seamless Consortium

The Seamless Coalition is a collaboration of world-class Enterprises seeking solutions that merge the best of the digital and physical world to help support the increasingly seamless lives of people. They are opening their doors to give selected startups access to intellectual and commercialization resources that will help them explore new market opportunities.

  • Amway

    Amway’s logo

    Amway is the largest direct sales company in the world, and the largest supplement company in the world. With brands that cover Nutrition, Bath & Body, Beauty, and Home, their products cover a wide array of industries, and have an “army” of sales people they believe can define a marketAmway’s overarching innovation goal is to create an ecosystem of…

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    BISSELL’s logo

    BISSELL is the leading floorcare brand offering consumers a full portfolio of cleaning products, formulations & systems. Founded in 1876 by Anna & Melville Bissell through the invention of the carpet sweeper, the company has remained family owned and headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan, and has grown into a global homecare solutions provider. BISSELL’s mission is to support pet families…

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  • Faurecia

    Faurecia’s logo

    Faurecia is the 6th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world; one in four automobiles is equipped by Faurecia. They design and manufacture seats, exhaust systems, interior systems (dashboards, centre consoles, door panels, acoustic modules) and decorativeaspects of a vehicle (aluminum, wood). The automotive industry is going through a technological revolution driven by the need for increased environmental protection…

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  • Priority Health

    Priority Health’s logo

    Priority Health is an insurance company owned by Spectrum. Priority sees themselves as a healthcare company as much as an insurance company. They are trying to transform healthcare by “changing, engaging and innovating.” Priority sees helping patients be healthier as a means to lower costs. Their innovation goals are bi-modal—how to improve their own business (messaging and engagement, services…

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  • Steelcase

    Steelcase’s logo

    Over 100 years after the company's first patent, it’s clear Steelcase's past, present and future are all about turning insights into innovative products. Steelcase knows technology is and will continue to be a leading driver of change, and partners with world-class organizations to explore how space can propel innovation, creativity and productivity.Steelcase embraces the changes happening in the office…

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  • Wakestream Ventures

    Wakestream Ventures’s logo

    Wakestream Ventures is the financial investment and strategic counsel behind fast-moving, high-growth emerging technologies and platforms. The firm was founded in 2012 to make early stage investments in high-growth technology, hardware-software convergence and e-commerce enablement. Wakestream Ventures is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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