• Suggestic

    Make Food Medicine. We help you find a diet plan for weight loss, health optimization, or chronic disease reversal. We then help you follow that plan whether at home, the grocery store or a restaurant.

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  • Pabellon

    PABELLON POWER IS THE NEW SOLUTION For Magnetic Data Transfer Breakthrough research in surface plane magnetics enables new capabilities impairing the conventional connectorless power transfer industry. Pabellon's patented technology opens up unprecedented connectivity for non-radiative power, data and sensing applications.

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  • Vayyar

    Vayyar sensors enable an extensive breadth of applications ranging from breast cancer screening to detecting water leakage, food safety monitoring and many more.

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  • Sentiance

    Sentiance analyzes sensor data to understand human behavior & context so our clients can engage in the moment and develop new products and services that turn the IoT into the IoU

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  • UltraHaptics

    Ultrahaptics has developed a unique technology that enables users to receive tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything. The technology uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and directly onto the user. Users can ‘feel’ touch-less buttons get feedback for mid-air gestures or interact with virtual objects.

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  • CARt

    CARt coordinates convenient, affordable, reliable transportation for low income individuals with limited vehicle access to get to and from supermarkets that are fully stocked with healthy food.

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  • Asanic

    In yoga, asan refers to the place a person sits, as well as their posture. Asanic’s goal is to provide firm, yet relaxed support for a healthy posture wherever a person sits. Asanic engineers morphing structures to promote comfort, mindfulness and wellbeing.Asanic incorporates proprietary smart materials technology into office and automotive seating solutions to provide ergonomic posture support.…

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  • AkibaH

    AkibaH harnesses the power of mobile health technology and data science to give people the knowledge and recommended actions to live longer and healthier lives. AkibaH's flagship product, GluCase, is the world’s first smartphone case glucose meter: By seamlessly integrating a glucose meter, test strips, and lancets into a smartphone case, it eliminates the need for a person with…

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  • Workit Health

    A new generation of addicts requires a new platform for addiction recovery. Workit’s digital suite of mobile tools provides private, connected, and personal recovery services. Patients receive care and expert advice that is affordable, accessible, convenient, and inclusive—all from their mobile devices, all on their terms. With the help of adaptive lessons, personal coaching, and therapeutic tools, Workit…

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  • Gideon

    Though smart home technologies are supposed to make our lives easier, many of these new solutions prove inefficient and too expensive. Gideon allows the homeowner to connect and control multiple smart devices around the home from a single app. A platform with the potential to connect more than 50 home devices from any brand and the AI capacity to learn a…

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  • Promethient

    Day-to-day comfort begins with our body temperature, but in many cases, temperature control is out of our control. Homes, automobiles and office environments can integrate smart temperature controls from Promethient. The company’s innovative material, graphene, is an effective and sustainable geothermal technology with great capability for personal heating and cooling. With the potential to adjust to the individual’s…

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  • DogTelligent

    With millions of dogs escaping and wandering from their homes annually, and a greater number suffering from obesity and undiagnosed illnesses, DogTelligent seeks to provide pet parents with a comprehensive pet monitoring and care solution. The company proudly introduces the Connected Collar, the world’s first smart dog collar. Enabling pet parents to monitor their dog’s health, vitals, and…

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  • Scanalytics

    Scanalytics has created a 2x2-foot intelligent floor sensor to monitor foot traffic and analyze consumer behavior in physical spaces. Sensors can stand alone, or be daisy-chained together in an array to create a larger area for data accumulation. Managers receive actionable insights based on real-time analysis as well as create patterns to predict trends. Meet ScanalyticsWeek Eight Update Video

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  • Cosign

    Cosign allows users to tag images of items they like in online photos. When they upload those images to social media sites and their friends buy those items, the user gets a monetary reward. Users earn additional points for views, likes and shares in the Cosign platform. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes and rewards.Meet CosignWeek Eight…

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  • Hoana

    Hoana creates LifeBed, which transforms any hospital bed into a sensor-rich medical system, capable of accurately tracking a patient’s vital signs without any wires, leads or connections. If a patient’s condition begins to change, the LifeBed system can alert nursing staff to attend and enact the necessary care, potentially reducing adverse events and improving the patient’s outcome…

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  • Friendly

    Friendly replaces the traditional triage phone nurse, and is positioned to become the new standards in doctor-patient communication. Using an intuitive interface to interview the patient, the platform enables patients to report common illnesses using personalized evidence-based guidelines. Results of the interview are compiled into a SOAP note for the doctor to review, allowing them to e-prescribe appropriate medication or…

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  • NoBot

    A NoBot is a person in a robot suit. Using drone-style technology, human operators control NoBots over IP to address service tasks, bringing the same “work-from-home” and freelance marketplace, enjoyed by the service industry, to the labor workforce. NoBots can be integrated into consumer devices, heavy machinery, medical environments, or are capable of serving as stand-alone units.Meet NobotWeek Eight…

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  • Tractouch Mobile

    Tractouch Mobile solves the agony of missed calls, messages and events for people and things in noisy and delicate situations serving the needs of the Construction, Automobile, Manufacturing, Furniture, Sports & Entertainment, Maintenance and Landscaping, Defense and Public Safety industries. Meet Tractouch Mobile Week Eight Update Video

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  • Haas

    Haas is the first, globally connected acoustic technology for early detection of emergency vehicles. Their technology integrates into proprietary algorithms and detects decibel, tone, and sound patterns of emergency vehicles and converts them into customized audible and visual notifications for the user. Haas makes its technology available for manufacturers of autos, helmets, headphones and other connected safety products on the…

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  • Alsentis

    Alsentis, has created a foundational electric field recognition technology called HSS, which inherently overcomes variations in materials, surface changes due to environment (like water) or accommodate user preferences, such as wearing gloves. The technology allows integrated touch surfaces into nearly any material, more quickly and with more reliability in the most challenging environments. Meet Alsentis Week Eight Update Video

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