Validation meets Commercialization

Seamless IoT is the nation's leading multi-industry, multi-channel, proof-of-concept laboratory. It unites startup and enterprise in a 12-week, nonresidential engagement with global leaders of industries including: mobility, retail, health and home.

With its ability to bring startups into intimate engagements with global industry, Seamless IoT attracts and engages the brightest and the best, who want to achieve the type of commercial integration in weeks, what would normally take months or years.

Based in Michigan, the manufacturing heartland, Seamless IoT is led by the people who design and build the environments we live, work and move in every day. Individually, they possess deep access into their market channels, together they possess the clout to accelerate a smarter, more connected world.

Here’s How it Works

  • The Outcome


    We want to help you accelerate your IoT business, but first we want to get to know you. Help us understand who you are, what your vision is, and how it could seamlessly integrate into a consumer's everyday life - specifically in the areas of healthcare, smart homes, the workplace, manufacturing, enterprise automotive, or retail.

  • Engagement + Execution


    Once you're accepted into the program, we'll collaborate with you every step of the way - from strategy to execution.

    With global market access, real consumer data and insights, and reach across multiple verticals, we'll work with you to strengthen your strategy and commercialize your business.

    From there, we'll offer you access to domain expertise and execution assistance, including prototype development, supply chain solutions, and manufacturing.

    Together we can build, test, and validate the desirability, viability, and feasibility of your business.

  • Expert Help


    With our regional network of over 30 Seamless Resource Partners, you will have access to engineering, prototyping, software and hardware development, strategy, marketing and legal to help move your business forward.

  • The Outcome


    When all is said and done, expect to walk away with a stronger business, access to new markets, bigger investors, and better partners - everything you need to accelerate your IoT business and seamlessly integrate your technology into consumers' everyday lives.

The Details

The Consortium

We are made up of enterprise-level companies with true global reach and industry leading expertise and resources. This is your chance to engage and collaborate with them in a serious way. Learn more

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