5x5 Night Hits The Road In 2017!

  1. 5 Votes 5 Votes Community members vote for 5 favorite ideas
  2. 5 Ideas 5 Ideas 5 creators are chosen to pitch
  3. 5 Minutes 5 Minutes Pitches are limited to 5 min. and 5 slides
  4. 5 Judges 5 Judges Panel selects a winning idea on pitch night
  5. $5,000.00 $5,000.00 The best idea wins $5,000

Past Winners

The Hustle House $5,000

The Hustle House

The Hustle House is a Urban clothing line that allows its customers the ability to create their own fashion statements.

Avery Andrews
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The Kayak Buddy $5,000

The Kayak Buddy

Device to allow kayaker to EXTREMELY EASILY enter/exit a kayak from dock and store the kayak over the water.

Rick Brown
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re-Contour for Breast Reconstruction $5,000

re-Contour for Breast Reconstruction

A supportive dressing for breast reconstruction that simultaneously provides scar therapy during post-op healing period.

Julie Hyde-Edwards
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Guarded Safety $5,000

Guarded Safety

Guarded is a mobile safety application aimed at increasing student safety on college campuses.

Bryan Caragay
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